The donkey is celebrated in Upington with a life size sculpture in front of the museum. The sculpture symbolises the unselfish contribution made by the donkey in the development of the Lower Orange River valley.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking donkeys are dumb. They might be stubborn but are also thoughtful animals with a highly developed sense of survival.
Oasis provides a home for 6 donkeys. They deliver a taxi service during the “Kuierfees/festival” and people of all ages enjoy being chauffered around by them.

Donkey cart rides was the first successful fundraising initiative of Oasis. Please contact us at Tel: 054 339 1139 to book a ride from Monday to Fridayfrom 08h00-16h00.

We also combine a Tea Garden and Play Park with donkey cart rides for children's birthday parties. Our bakery has nutricious Party Packs and Birthday cakes custom made for these occasions.


We treat our donkeys with respect and have the necessary permits do provide donkey cart trips at different times during the year on the Oasis premises.